The Origins of Mother's Day

Some say that the actual origins of Mother's Day are sad, but I disagree.
Anna Jarvis was a woman who really just wanted to honor her mom. Then, she wanted other people to also use that time to focus on the Care Bear in their lives. I think some of us forget that when we spend more time searching for gifts than we actually spend telling the ones we love that them.
Anna Jarvis' mother had 13 children and only 4 of them survived because of epidemics during that time. So, she spent so much of her life helping other women to keep their children living during those epidemics. The women would get together and learn how to take care of their children and keep them healthy.
We're in a pandemic right now and I can't help but get misty-eyed at the thought of how many Care Bears are doing just that right now, caring for their kids- trying to keep them physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy- learning new tech and doing all of the things.
Anna would say that this day is for you and for the Care Bear in your life and that it isn't about flowers, cards, or gifts, it's about really showing up, being there, and making your gratitude known.
Enjoy your day, Care Bears. ❤

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