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There is no "Opting out" - 1 minute read

"When you "Opt-Out" of anti-racist education, you are "opting-in" to racism."
I said this in a post discussing my frustration when a charter school in Utah gave the parents of its students a choice to Opt-out of the Black History Month lessons and activities.
I am honored that Sylvia Duckworth has decided to amplify this message via her amazing artwork!
Sylvia Duckworth is an educator and author in Toronto. She does such an incredible job of sharing social justice messages through an artistic lens. I admire that! It is such a powerful skill because people connect to art in such a powerful way!
Sylvia also has written a book, "How to Sketchnote: A Step-by-Step Manual for Teachers and Students"
I am honored to have one of my expressions made into art by Sylvia! How powerful!



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