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Turn on the Praise Switch Today (1 min read)

Anyone else feel like they were trained to look for the bad?

When I was a student, if I had a perfect paper or test, it would just have "100%" or "excellent" at the top. That's it.

When I did well, my family was silent.

However, when I did poorly on a test, the teacher would want to talk about, cover my paper in what could have been better, and sometimes correct my errors.

Things were a lot less quiet at home if I did something that someone didn't like.

Now, I notice that out of a sea of positive comments and praise, I will focus on the bad... because I (and maybe you, too) have been trained to.

Children often hear what they could do better more than they hear about why they are great at something.

Our friends often hear more about our partner's negative traits (when we are angry), than their positive ones.

We often look at our bodies and think about what we don't like about ourselves more than we praise them for keeping us healthy and strong.

Let's flip the switch:

Today, I challenge you to communicate positive praise with added detail today or this week even.

Tell your kids why they are great! Tell them why they make you smile. Tell them why you love having them around.

Tell your students why you love when they speak up. Tell each of them why you love having them in class. Tell them why you show up to teach every day.

Tell your partner, and best friends, why you love them. Tell them why they matter to you. Tell them what they do well.

Tell your belly why you love it. Tell your wrinkles and or stretch marks why you appreciate them. Tell yourself why you matter.

Today... we flip the switch. Love on. Criticism off.



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