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Ways to Date your Friends and Family

Everyone's Love Language includes Quality Time right now. Everyone.

(Even if we have yet to fully embrace it.)


Seriously, we are all craving connection in some form and grieving some of our tiny losses.

"Connection" is a part of being human and we have all lost it in some capacity.

Yes, even us introverts.

 In today's share, I have prepared some great ways to virtually connect more deeply with those who matter most.  




Virtual Escape Rooms





Trivia Night:


Online Games:


Virtual Games


Ask Deep Questions:


Join the Virtual Writer's Retreat:

Write your magic with me!

Right now, the little things are BIG things, and what we do for one another matters.

It doesn't have to be often but intentionally date your friends.

Date your family.

It's not only romantic relationships that deserve special time and attention.



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