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What I learned from watching "Successful" parents raise their kids


Let's have a chat, first.

Being "successful" does not make anyone an effective or "good" parent. There are also different definitions of "success." Facts.

Allow your own definition for "Successful parenting" to guide you.

As an innovative educator, I study children, I study teens, I study education techniques and parenting.

Because I have created learning programs in over thirty countries, I've gotten to work with all sorts of kids and families. I've also taught the kids of some amazing minds. I must admit that I noticed that some parenting techniques of some "successful" and emotionally aware parents, Wowed me. Many of them are often not what we would immediately think would be beneficial, but I've seen how much their children have soared from some simple tweaks or shifts in mindsets. 

Take this post as me simply sharing with you what I have had an opportunity to witness. 

Try some out and leave what doesn't suit you.




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