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What if We Trust That it Gets Better (1 minute Read)

During one of my moments of free time, yesterday, I decided to turn on a Netflix series. I was excited to have finally gotten to the third episode because the other two bored me out of my mind. But, I'd decided to keep going because I'd been told several times that "it gets better." I believed it. And guess what? It did get better.

I smiled to myself during that episode and hit pause to marvel at the lesson.

What if we treated life that way? You know- expected it to get better- always.

I had a session with my spiritual alchemist a few weeks ago and she told me something that stuck. She said, "There will be doors that close on you. But, there will always be an even better door. Remember that." I found that so empowering that I began waiting for doors to close and rejections to happen in anticipation of the better door.

What a mindset shift, right?

I just wanted to pop in today to remind you of your better door... and that it gets better... no matter what.

Put that message in your back pocket for me, okay?


(BTW... The show was Schitts Creek. Soooo good!)

With love,



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