What is Educational Trauma and How are we Causing it?

I always ask for an aisle seat when I fly.
Yes, I would prefer to look out the window. But, not as much as it gives me anxiety to ask the person sitting in the aisle to get up for me to go to the restroom. If I am in the aisle seat, I will happily ask get up for you a million times. But, I would "hold it in" for hours before asking or "bothering" someone to move.
Ugh... I know where it started though. School. Being told by teachers that you could only go if it was an "emergency" and being treated like an utter annoyance, having to interrupt the entire class, to get a "pass." I still have that wound. I'm working on it.
I have so many fond memories from school. It was a beautiful place for me for the most part. But, I have this wound as well.
Educational Trauma is real.
So, what is it...exactly?
Educational Trauma is an emotional response due to harmful systemic practices perpetuated by educators and school staff that often have harmful long term effects on students.
Let's take a closer look...






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