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Why African Americans Still Celebrate Thanksgiving

Are you aware of why African Americans celebrate "Thanksgiving Day?"
Were you ever taught about what happened to enslaved Blacks while slavemasters and their families celebrated Thanksgiving?
Are you aware that there were enslaved Blacks also on land during the time white settlers were "at war" with the Pequot Tribe?
Today's dose of learning is below.
Today, we do not dismiss the horrors of Indigenous people. May we use this day to learn more, to support Indigenous people who are living today, and to do our best to be and do better.
We also use this day to honor the African enslaved people who often saw "Thanksgiving" as a day for one hot meal, even if it was scraps, a day to possibly run away to freedom, and a day to nurse the open wounds on their backs.
Today, we remember in gratitude, and we love the people around us just a bit harder.
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