Why Black people want "40 acres and a mule"

I have released more content today than I have ever released in one day. Why?
Because Juneteenth is not "A DAY OFF," It is "A DAY TO."
A DAY TO appreciate and support Black Joy.
A DAY TO appreciate and support Black information and education equity.
A DAY TO reassess your commitment to education equality as an educator.
A DAY TO bring the energy of Black Joy into your space whether it is through friendship or watching joyful Black films or reading books that highlight Black adventure, love, and fun.
A DAY TO make sure education does not highlight or promote White domination.
A DAY TO call your local and State officials to fight for access to Black history in schools in order to fight intellectual enslavement of our children due to lack of knowledge.
A DAY TO celebrate Black Love.
A DAY TO appreciate.
A DAY TO remember that it takes intention and commitment to one day shift this day into a DAILY experience of love, appreciation, and equity for all.
Now...let's dig in!

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