Why Black women wear wigs and weaves


One of the top questions googled about Black women is Why we wear wigs and weaves.

There are so many conversations to be had about Black hair. Some are sacred. Some are painful.

Every Black person has their own hair story and relationship with their hair and if there is someone who chooses to wear a weave, wig, their natural hair, or anything else on their head, it's their personal choice and business.

Never assume that you know someone's reason.
Also, never assume that someone wears weave or wigs because they don't love themselves or they wish they were another culture.

Weaves and Wigs offer a lot of Black women an opportunity for versatility. Also, one thing that's rarely discussed is that for Black women who work in media or entertainment, we're often forced to cover our hair because hairstylists have not been trained to do Black hair.

There are sooo many reasons.

Forced "Professionalism"

There are schools that blatantly tell Black children that they are not allowed to wear certain natural hairstyles and workplaces that will not hire Black women and men if they wear natural hairstyles.

Lack of Confidence - (Never Assume this one)

First thing's first, don't ever assume that a Black person is wearing a weave or a wig because of shame or self-hate.

However, there are Black women who are not comfortable with their natural features due to lack of representation in the media, being ridiculed by peers, and constantly comparing themselves to European Beauty standards.

It's a journey.


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