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Women Throughout History Who Have Shown Powerful Support

Greatness often comes with Support.
Did you know Martin Luther King wasn't going to give his "I Have a Dream Speech" until his friend/Bestie, Mahalia Jackson, yelled out, "Tell them about your dream, Martin!" MLK would call her and go over his speeches and ideas before events to get her feedback and sometimes, she had to remind him who he was!
We often like to believe that we've done it all ourselves, but there is so much power in support...even the support you barely notice.
Today, I want to highlight some women who have supported people in a way behind the scenes that has resulted in forms of impact that have shifted the world.
Ask yourself:
Who can I support with my privilege?
Who can I support by giving them the belief I have in them until they can match it with their own?
Who can I support by advocating for them?
Who can I thank for supporting me?
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