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Does your child hate writing?

Plot twist! sharpen lots of pencils and get ready to hear "Wow! Writing is so easy!" 

This is more than a book. It's a full writing course that was both created and taught by its writer for over 8 years in countries all over the world...because that's how seriously we should take our kids' education. 

Everything you need is in this book.  It not only explains the basics, but it also teaches children to write by combining things many children love- art, their favorite things, and clarity. 

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This book has been parent tested and kid-approved. I created the first version of this book in 2010,

while teaching students in South Korea. They were five years old and I absolutely adored them. When my students heard that I spent my mornings working on my own book, they were eager to become authors, as well.  They wanted to write "like grownups" and not like babies.  So, I got to work and began to create a series of books that would teach them a foundation that would not only give them immediate results, but would also result in their having the ability to write actual stories independently.

  This book on paragraph writing created an entire movement. 

By the end of the year, my five year old students wrote their own story books, which I helped them to publish. Remember, these were five year olds, who were also writing in their second languages.  They helped me to create all of these books. I took every single bit of feedback they offered. 

It is an honor to share a love for writing with other students in

countries all over the world. 

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Who is this for?

* We both know that your child has an amazing imagination.  A good instructor will motivate your child to want to put those amazing thoughts on paper. 

* This book is for children who may not enjoy writing or may have difficulty with writing long sentences or writing multiple sentences to explain one idea. 

* It's great for students who are very talkative, but may not quite know how to organize their ideas on paper.

* In South Korea and Japan, kids as young as 5 have taken this course and learned to write on 2nd and 3rd grade levels.

*  9 and 10 years old have also taken this course to relearn writing basics and to build confidence and an interest in writing. 



What exactly do students learn?

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* How do I organize a sentence?

*  What is a paragraph?

* Why should I write?

* What are my favorite things?

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* How can learning to write help me now? (Wow! Can I really write my own book?)

* Why should I learn to write a paragraph?

* Can I learn and play at the same time? Wow!!! I can! 

Take a Sneak Peek inside:

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The kid you Gahmya
Gahmya drummond-bey how to write a paragraph for kids
how to teach kindergarteners to write a paragraph+the kidyouniversity

What do kids really think about the book?

Listen to what a six year old student had to say about the course/book! Her mother was so surprised by her writing skills. (This student learned to write a paragraph in her 2nd language! Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.) Give your child a chance! 

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