How Long are you Going to Keep Your Message on Pause?

The Speak with Impact program is a two month deep dive into uncovering your voice and learning to craft your message for paid talks, TEDx, TED, and digital conferences. Your speaker Coach, Gahmya Drummond-Bey has done them all and will coach you through the process and help you to define your signature message.

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Be Seen. Be Heard.    Be Impactful.

Introducing "Speak with Impact": The 60 Day Signature Talk Group Learning program that takes you from self talk to TEDx Talk

This is more than an online course. It is a LIVE experience. Although all calls are virtual, you will feel like you are playing a transformational game, as this program takes you on a step-by-step journey using Gahmya's dynamic framework for uncovering your truth, preparing your truth, and sharing your truth. 

No more watching others have the chance you've been waiting for. Let's play to win!

What's included?

Find your inner voice. 

As someone who has spoken on the TEDx stage several times, spoken on the TED stage, helped roughly 40 people land TEDx talks, coached TED speakers, and assisted even more in writing powerful paid signature talks, you're in great hands! Let's get your talk written, pitched, and on a stage!

The first month is dedicated to your message and your voice.

Clients often refer to this program, and working with me one-on-one, as therapy. The thing is, you have so many messages to share and many of them have been with you since childhood. In this program, you have the time and space to really focus on your truth. For some people in the program, the entire program will be a journey of self discovery and finding their voice. For others, it will be crafting a TEDx talk.  For some, it may be taking a message that was once their TEDx talk and expanding it further into a deeper, paid signature talk. In this program, you will have tools and structure, but the main focus is your own true voice and the best way for you to share it with the world right now.

Month 2: Craft & Strategize 

Not only will you find your voice, you will receive assistance in using  your voice to craft an impactful talk and receive a strategy to land the stage of your dreams. You will also know exactly who to pitch, how, and when), while also having an opportunity to have fun pitching decision makers in the TED/TEDx/Speaking Summit community. 

Month 2 is When you truly soar!

Unsure of where to pitch? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Not only will I present you with the mother-load list of TEDx events, but also lists of podcasts to speak on and popular blogs to share content on.

We will lay the ground work to truly spread your message like glitter!  Once you uncover and craft your message, we truly dive into helping you to spread it far and wide. You receive a pitch plan tailored to you, a core story playbook to help you to keep track of the golden nuggets within your message, and constant accountability to help you to stay consistent and persistent. 

Who is  your coach?

Meet Your Coach- Gahmya Drummond-Bey

There is power in having someone who can pull your song from your heart... and that's my speciality. I am also a straight- shooter... but with Love on top. Not only am I am international speaker, but I have also spoken on several TEDx stages, and graced the TED stage. I know that world well and I also know the stages that someone is ready for and how to help you get there. Everyone isn't ready for TEDx and everyone isn't ready for TED. However, everyone has a signature talk in their hearts. 


Gabby Beckford graced the TEDx stage at just 24 years old!  (Press play)


Nyota Gordon

"Gahmya helped to pull my story out of me. It was a beautiful and therapeutic experience. It's more than a speaking program."

Lolita Taub

"Gahmya is my favorite story teller! She has supported me through two TEDx talks."

Yeonmi Park

"Gahmya helped me to craft one of my personal stories in such a beautiful way. I was completely touched and inspired by seeing my own story in a new light! "

Tammie Denyse

"My capacity to produce defies logic and belief." Gahmya Drummond-Bey This quote encapsulates my experience with Gahmya as my coach for my TED talk. All I knew was that I had set the intention to do a TED talk in 2019 and Gahmya Drummond-Bey was the person I needed to help get me there. What I didn't know was that preparation and process would stretch me far beyond what my mind could conceive. Throughout our journey, there were so many times that I quit in my mind, and even a time or two when I told Gahmya, "I just can't do it, it's too much." And each time whether in my mind or in real life, Gahmya would remind me that, "my capacity to produce defies logic and belief." Then she'd extend grace and encourage me to take a break and come back to it. Please don't think my challenges were because of the process. No, my biggest struggle was my topic. My area of expertise is breast cancer so, naturally, I thought breast cancer would certainly be the topic I'd talk about. Gahmya saw a bigger picture with a different topic. When she made the suggestion that I talk about navigating grief after the loss of my youngest child, I thought she was both brilliant and insane. While making my decision of which topic I'd speak on, she asked a question that would lead me on a path of healing, rejuvenation and restoration. Yes, I also experienced other feelings and emotions, but by asking. "Do you want to make an impact?", I knew I would choose the road less traveled and talk about my deceased son. My experience with Gahmya as my TED talk coach is definitely one of favorites by far. I didn't just do a TED talk, I healed my heart and I grew as a person, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It was hard, but it was worth every tear and I'd hire her again without hesitation."

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September 28th - November 28th