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The next virtual writer's retreat will begin August 1, 2022. See you then!

Virtual Writers' Retreat

Accountability and Support that will take you from a "maybe writer" filled with ideas and words to: PUBLISHED AUTHOR

Start off the year by fueling your dreams!

There's absolutely no feeling like holding your very own book in your hands. This feeling of accomplishment deepens even more when you have the opportunity to witness the impact that it has and see how much value others receive from your words.

This is why this writer's retreat doesn't simply focus on writing books. Although you learn the A-Z of writing and publishing a book, you can also use this time to create written content that you show up for on a regular basis. This could be social media content, marketing content, or other content that will help you rock this year!


**If you could just get away to focus on writing it. ** YOU NEED...

So what does this Virtual Writers' Retreat Include?

Eek!! Are you absolutely ready for the deets? Here's the thing, I can't be the only person to have swooned over Writers Retreats! I also attended one, and although it was absolutely AMAZING, It was $8,000 and wayyy too short! I needed more! So, I got a group together and we had a 30 day round of AWESOME SAUCE that must be experienced again...with YOU!!


30 Days of Consistency

One of the biggest parts of writing is SHOWING UP...consistently...to the page.  This is the beautiful thing about accountability.  In our virtual writer's group, we show up online for at least an hour, three consecutive days a week.  On unofficial meeting days, we have co-working and check-ins, so that there is some sort of daily accountability. That's right! Every day, there will be others looking for you to cheer you on!  During the first round, many of us wrote ten pages during every sitting.  It's amazing what you accomplish when you grant yourself the space to create...and honor it.  You also have others who believe in your work as much as you do.  There's so much magic in that.  But...there's more! 

Celebrate Your Micro Wins...with Friends

What's celebrated gets repeated.  No waiting until your book is completely published.  In our group, there is a spreadsheet where each person plugs in their daily word count.  Prizes are given to those who write more than 500 words consistently without skipping a day during that week.  How fun! 

And no, this isn't only for those writing books. It's any type of written content.

Supportive Feedback and Guidance

Although you get to join us from your favorite spot wherever you are, the vibes in our virtual retreat are magical.  We give each writer space to share, give and receive feedback, and to take off their mask.  After all, writing is deep work. Our writers also come from different backgrounds and are writing different genres.  Some have already been published and are working on another book in a series.  You get to play in a playground with others who are eager to not only write, but to also complete and put these book babies out into the world. 

Digital Course Included:

Just in case you need a bit more guidance on how to flesh out your ideas, how to outline your book, how to create different types of books, how to self publish how to market on Amazon, how to market virtually (and more!) ...we've got you covered. You receive a full portal of eleven lessons all designed to help bring you more clarity, so that you can show up to our virtual meetings ready to write and be cheered on! Now, how's that for showing up?

Bonus Step-By-Step Guide

This resource is a checklist. It's a trusted guide that will help you to keep track of the many different pieces of the self-publishing journey.

Some Books Published in This Program:

They are all amazing books by the way! Check them out!


When do We begin?

We will meet twice a week, every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (Depending on the schedules of the group). The tentative time is 8pm EST (Times can be shifted based on the needs of the group. We will finalize the time based on what's best for our group members.) During the rest of the week, we will have voluntary virtual co-working sessions and challenges, while also checking our daily progress online. 

Who's Invited?

Well, YOU ARE! I hope you join us! Spots fill fast, so join quickly! I have decreased the price significantly as a way of supporting everyone's New Year dreams! What great energy to put out into the world, right?

Refund policy: 

This course has a 7 day no questions asked-money back guarantee. However, after the experience begins, there are no refunds. 

Did you say prizes?

I sure did! Although it was exciting to see some of my clients, like Nyota Gordon and Raj Subrameyer release bestsellers! (Check out their books on Amazon). Others like Leah Bomar, Ronnie Webb II, and Elisheva Ray used their time in the course to publish their very first online articles (Woot!)

Sending beautiful prizes to motivate participants and experiencing deep connection is the best part for me! So, yes...there are amazing prizes, but there is winning happening all around here. 

A Hands On Writing Experience

Our next virtual writer's retreat begins August 1, 2022. We only admit 10 people. If you're seeing this, that means there's still a spot! Yay!

What they're saying

"When I jumped on the opportunity to work with Gahmya and write my book I wasn't actually thinking about doing it "right now". As a High Performance and Leadership Coach, who is writing a book on how to create an abundance of time for yourself, I knew how much time I'd need to prepare and write a book I am proud of and frankly, I had other priorities on my list. But I couldn't resist working with Gahmya, knowing her energy and experience I had to jump in. It's been an amazing journey so far. 2 weeks after and I am almost 10k words into my book, have already pre-sold 17 of them and sourced ideas for the cover. I also booked an interview for the book and on my topic and I just love this journey. But the best thing about it is the accountability and the people in the community. I know that every day I get at least 1 hour of writing in and have the best people around me who do too and this is what makes the difference. I would re-join every course after this just because of this fact alone. Thank you Gahmya for your love and support and bringing amazing people together and incredible valuable books to life!"

Monique Lindner
Success & High Performance Coach

"The first month I participated in the writers retreat, I finished writing the entire first draft my book, had my first article published online, and started booking media appearances. I also pre-sold over 40 copies and registered my book with the Library of Congress. The trainings from Gahmya walked me through step by step what I needed to know about copyright, marketing funnels, and so much more to help with the marketing and logistics of publishing a book. The information received is invaluable to navigating the modern publishing world. Plus the connections and community of the group with co-writing calls, priceless feedback, prizes and challenges are just the motivation I needed to make a long time dream come true!"

Leah Bomar Thompson
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

"This has been such an amazing experience! In just a few short weeks, I've learned an incredible amount of information about writing and publishing and have been able to challenge myself to think outside of the boundaries of conventional writing. Who knew that being a curriculum designer was actually a thing? Not me. Although I've designed and delivered wellness curricula throughout much of my career as a physician and educator, I had no idea that I could actually translate this passion into a service offering for other people. Although I'm a physician by training, I've always considered myself to be a teacher by calling. I'm thrilled at the possibility of being able to turn my passion for delivering wellness education in an engaging and experiential way into a potential career. Thank you Gahmya for being such a wonderful coach and insightful mentor!"

Reba Peoples
Physician and Educator

"This was truly the best thing I've ever done, and Gahmya is an incredible force who is your cheerleader and mentor all-in-one. I can't thank her enough for giving me that extra push that I needed to write my book. It's something that I only dreamed about and with her guidance, I'm actually seeing it happen before my eyes! She is not only knowledgeable, but she is able to collaborate in a way that makes us the entire writers' group feel like family. Because of this virtual writing retreat, I now have a group of writers as friends and the confidence to see my book get published. If you've ever entertained the idea of writing a book, then you need to join!"

Rachel Simmonds

"Gahmya is amazing. This course has allowed me to not just move past my fears but also gave me the blueprint that I needed to have a successful book launch. With her guidance I was able to have a good amount of pre-orders before my book is even completed. I am thankful to have an experienced author share all the secrets and know all to find the book inside of me and share it with the world."

Sharitta Marshall
Financial Expert

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