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Inclusive Language to use instead of "You Guys"

Words are powerful. We all hold on to them much longer than we think and a part of becoming more conscious, evolved, aware, inclusive, or whatever your growth of choice is at the moment...it all includes being mindful and intentional about the words we use.
It's inappropriate to use phrases like "hey guys" or "hey dude" in blanket ways that leave some people who are on the receiving end of your message unacknowledged.
In today's post, I have listed a few alternatives. My favorite ways to address groups of adults are "Hello everyone" in professional settings and "Hey y'all" when I'm being more informal.
I call my students "besties" because our bond is important to me. Besties are the family we choose. We don't leave Besties behind, right? Nope. Never. I also call them unicorns.
What are some of your favorite alternatives? 
It often takes time to create a new habit. But, you have to be intentional. Let's make a promise to move away from saying things like "Dude" and "hey guys," in blanket manners and use inclusive language that allows everyone to feel seen.
Remember to Communicate in a way in which your mouth not only utters words but also whispers "you can sit here with us" in a way that only the heart can hear. Because more than our ears are listening.
It's an honor to grow with you!
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